BioMotion Generation 2.0

The BioMotion 2.0 line of strength training equipment was created on the basis of the BioMotion line, many years of experience and an innovative approach to design. Strength training machines were designed using the latest version of SolidWorks software and in cooperation with the Department of Biomechanics of the Warsaw Academy of Physical Education, which resulted in the BSS (Biomechanical Training Support) system. Despite the development and supplementation with new functions, this line is characterized above all by ease of use and excellent biomechanics.
BioMotion machines are a guarantee of reliable workmanship, therefore they provide reliable stabilization, and thanks to the characteristic rounding, they seem light. The machines have been adapted to the natural sequences of movement, which makes training safe and effective. This series will meet 100% of the needs of your gym customers, as it includes machines for various purposes: stacked, multi-station towers that save space, and reliable benches – often favorite exercise equipment that you can not miss .

In addition to the attractive design – which helps attract and retain new customers – obtained by using flat-oval sections and plastic decorative elements for the structure, it is worth noting that it is a 100% Polish product, which we are proud of.