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The new line BioMotion was created on the basis of many year?s experience an an innovative attitude towards designing. This work-out device was designed using the latest Solid Works software and in cooperation with the Biomechanics Institute of Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw. Apart from an attractive design achieved through usage of plano-oval section and shields made of cast plexi and plastic elements both decorative and adjusting, it is worth mentioning its innovative solutions.
BIOMECHANIC SUPPORT SYSTEM - BSSA unique system of loading transfer, developed in cooperation with the Biomachanics Institute of Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, which protects from injuries caused by muscle overloading and ensures an increase of training effects up to 30%. All that was achieved by application of specially designed cams causing a change of a moment of a force depending on the angle of position of a shoulder, arm or another part of body in a joint.

TWO-LEVELLED SYSTEM OF ADJUSTING THE POSITION OF ELEMENTSBy application of a two-levelled way of adjusting we achieved an exceptional stabilization of adjusting elements. Seats and back rests have no possibility of moving which gives a unique comfort of training. It has great significance while adjusting the position of elements affecting the proper biomechanics of an exercise. The application of pneumatic servo-motors and counterweight enables an easy adjustment of elements by the user without a necessity of getting off the device.
TWO-COLOURED ADJUSTING SYSTEMBy application of two colours in adjusting elements, while the yellow one means always pulling an element and the orange one pressing, we eliminated difficulties concerning the usage of the work-out equipment by the user starting their adventure at fitness clubs
COMFORT AND SAFETYThe upholstery elements were fitted to match anatomical figure of the user which enables comfort and safety of the usage. The elements having a direct contact with feet are made of chrome-nickel sheets equipped with special, anti sliding rubber strips ensuring better stability during training.